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Welcome to Kalina websites – producer of gaskets and metal pressed parts

In Kalina company we dispose of the latest technologies for material cutting and processing, e.g.water jet, automatic cutting machines, cutting plottres, high-speed Bruderer press lines and electro-erosive cutting.Thanks to these technologies customers from all branches of industry use our services. Apart from all types of automotive gaskets we produce flat industrial gaskets, sealing elements, aluminium and copper sealing rings, metaloplastic rings and distance washers. Metal pressing plant and tool shop make up significant part of the production. Concentration of highly qualified and experienced workers together with the latest technologies in one place is high priority of our company. Thus it is possible to solve customers´ demands quickly, cheaply and in a quality way. 

Why do our customers search for us? For:

  • quick delivery – large material stock and the latest production technologies faciliates manufacturing while you wait. Preparation time of series production is reduced due to an in-house tool design and tool shop, which ensure an appropriate tool quickly and in high quality.
  • quality – the quality of production is assured by high quality materials, technology planning and ISO 9001:2008 quality management
  • price – with rich experience and the latest equipment we are able to propose an optimal method of production with respect to final product cost and production scale
  • reliability – almost quarter of a century of existence of the company and number of long-term customers prove the solidity of both our services and products