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  • Tool design and manufacturing
  • Pressing
  • Final finishing and completion

Since 2008 the metal pressing plant and tool shop have been extended significantly in the Kalina Industries Ltd. so that nowadays products from these plants present the company´s main manufacturing programme. Modernized technical equipment of the pressing and tool shop facilitates manufacturing both small and large batches of metallic pressed elements in a short time.
Besides the company´s own standardized parts production program, parts for customers from automotive, engineering, construction, electrical engineering, food processing and chemical industries are produced.
The presence of an in-house tool shop with own tool design enables quick response to customers´ demand. Both the tool design and the technology are assessed on case by case basis with respect to the presumed scale of production. However, we also manufacture products by means of tools provided by the customer.
Element manufacturing itself is performed in the pressing plant in excentric presses (tonnage 5-250 tons, LEN) and in high-speed Bruderer presses (25 and 80 tons).
Quality management monitoring from placing the order to production itself and expedition to a customer is guaranteed through longer-established system under the ISO 9001:2008 norm. Apart from this we are able to conduct product sampling as per VDA,PPAP in case of customer´s demand. Within supplies for automotive industry we perform controls and measuring upon standard customer´s requests.