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Welcome to Kalina websites – producer of gaskets and metal pressed parts

In Kalina company we dispose of the latest technologies for material cutting and processing, e.g.water jet, automatic cutting machines, cutting plottres, high-speed Bruderer press lines and electro-erosive cutting.Thanks to these technologies customers from all branches of industry use our services. Apart from all types of automotive gaskets we produce flat industrial gaskets, sealing elements, aluminium and copper sealing rings, metaloplastic rings and distance washers. Metal pressing plant and tool shop make up significant part of the production. Concentration of highly qualified and experienced workers together with the latest technologies in one place is high priority of our company. Thus it is possible to solve customers´ demands quickly, cheaply and in a quality way. 

Why do our customers search for us? For:

  1. Fast Production: We are capable of swiftly incorporating orders of our customers into our production plan. Our modern production technologies together with self-sufficient technical preparation of production. We are even able to produce, pack and dispatch small orders in one day.
  2. Price: Thanks to rich experience, modern technologies and our own Tool workshop we always propose the most financially appropriate solution with respect to demands on a product, required amount and production volume.
  3. Production quality: We make use of modern technologies, quality standard ISO 9001 and good-quality materials from reputable manufacturers.
  4. Material warehouse: Is the fast production essential to you? Then we are willing to meet you halfway! We permanently hold over 600 types of materials in various thicknesses and implementations.
  5. Custom manufacturing & Mass production: No production volume is neither too small nor too large for us!
  6. The archiving of received documents and the storage of samples: We can quickly find the documentation needed for the past orders and subsequently initiate repeated production.
  7. Combining modern technologies: Thanks to our broad portfolio of services and production options, we always offer the most ideal combination of machines and technological procedures based on your requirements concerning price, requested technologies and swiftness of production.
  8. Relationships with customers: We value the trust of our customers which we gained through our long-standing production quality and offered services.
  9. Packaging based on our customers’ requirements: Aside of our standard packaging, we are able to label, pack and alternatively even assemble products into sets.
  10. Reliability: Customers are loyal to us thanks to our responsible attitude and the reliability of our deliveries. This is why our company carries on even after 30 years of its existence.


KALINA industries s.r.o.
U Tescomy 255
Zlín, Lužkovice
760 01
Czech Republic

Branch Office in Tábor:
Kalina Tábor s.r.o.
Michalovicova 3019/8
390 02
Czech Republic


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+420 577 006 830
+420 577 006 831
+420 577 006 847
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+420 734 440 319
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+420 577 006 840 - 841
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