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Water jet cutting

Water jet cutting

This workplace is focused on custom and express production and it is equipped with the modern FLOW Mach 500 machine which can cut materials:

  • in thicknesses from 0,05 mm up to 300 mm,
  • with maximum dimensions of 2000 x 3000 mm.

The clear water jet is used when processing soft materials. An abrasive substance needs to be added when cutting harder and stronger materials.
The advantage of water jet cutting is the ability to process both metal and non-metal materials. Materials are not thermally stressed and microfissures do not occur.
Orders are done in short periods of time and for favorable prices. Upon agreement, we can also secure other technological operations such as bending, surface plating and other.
Products cut by water jet find their use in mechanical engineering, building industry, electro-technics or in furnishing of interiors and exteriors.

  • The advantage of water jet cutting is zero thermal and strength stress of the cut material.

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