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Machines at out pressing plant:

  • 20 eccentric pressing machines of tonnage 5 – 250t,
  • 5 lines for roll processing of tonnage 40 – 100t,
  • 2 high-speed Bruderer lines 25 and 80t,
  • 2 tumbling (including drying) Rosler machines.

We process various material types (spring (steel), stainless steel, electro-insulating plates, aluminium or copper alloy) in both sheets and rolls (thickness 0,1 – 6 mm). Maximal products dimension may be of 600 mm width and 1000 mm length.

  • Combination of pressing and laser cutting
  • The combination of these technologies enables us to efficiently lower both costs and time for production preparation.
  • Surface modifications


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Other products

Automotive and industrial gaskets
Stamped and cut metal parts
Plotter and die cut components