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Custom handwork workshop

Custom handwork workshop

The workplace with a high share of handwork is the gem of our company - especially thanks to the much needed manual craftmanship which we admire and intend to preserve for our future generations.

Our custom workshop with manual work also serves as a reminder of our humble beginnings in the garage 30 years ago. Products from this workshop usually serve for renovation and repair of historical automobiles, motorbikes and others. Parts can be made manually based on old samples, drawing or motor parts.

Based on customer’s wishes we can plate gasket with copper or steel sheets. We manufacture atypical thicknesses and can even modify diameters of gasket cylinders. We make use of high-quality Victor Reinz materials which can seal even problematic links thanks to their compressibility and elasticity.

We take advantage of our vast archive of all parts which were produced in our company over the course of 30 years. We frequently meet up with our customers, collectors and members of old-timer clubs at international exhibitions and fairs over whole Europe.

Especially in today’s “hastened era” we take pride in the growing interest of preserving traditions and crafts which were used in the process of automobile production in the past. A missing technical documentation is not an obstacle for us. We are also able to produce automotive gaskets for 100-year old vintage cars based on its old sample or a simple drawing.

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