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Vintage cars gaskets

Vintage cars gaskets

Custom production of gaskets for veterans and small series. In case you need one or small number of gaskets then make use of our custom workshop. We can cut any flat gasket using either plotter cutting or die cutting. We produce non-standart thicknesses and also adjust the diameters of the cylinders to the seal. For the production of a custom gasket, please send us original gasket sample or a drawing. Alternalively, you can search for your gasket type in our electronic archive. If you decide to send us your gasket sample, please also send your telephone and e-mail contact because it is often necessary to consult specific details of a given gasket.

Express manufacturing
We also offer production on demand which often suits the needs of oldtimer owners. You can arrange your desired production date with us beforehand. We will inform you about the price and date before the production begins.

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