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Sealing rings

Sealing rings



                 thickness 0,1–6 mm


                 thickness 0,1–6 mm


          electrical insulating  (formerly fiber)     
                 thickness 1–3 mm
asbestos-free rings Reinz:
                 thickness 0,3–5 mm
felt rings:
                 thickness 1–20 mm
graphite rings:
                 thickness 1–3 mm
                 elastomers (NBR 0,5
20 mm, SBR 1,5–50 mm, EPDM 1–10 mm,
                 FPM 1–8 mm, SILIKON 1–8 mm)
plastic rings:
                 PTFE, PU, PA, PE, PVC
                 thickness 0,5–5 mm
plumbing / water heating:
                 Reinz, felt, fiber, PE, PVC, graphite

Standard products according to DIN 7603 are aluminum and copper seals which are used in a wide range of industrial areas. To order sealing rings, it is best to enter the exact dimensions and type of material. It is possible to order according to the required DIN standard or according to our catalog numbers from the offer sheets.

Small series custom orders can be realized after caculation. Price of sealing rings will be affected by machine adjustment. If you are interested in ordering rings that we have on stock then please check our e-shop.

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