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Bending and Forming
CNC Knife Cutting
Laser Cutting
Metal Pressing Plant and Tool Workshop
Stamping toolshop
Water Jet Cutting


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Metal Pressing Plant and Tool Workshop

- Our own tool design and production is the basis for fast production commencement while maintaining optimal costs. Thanks to the wide technical assortment at our pressing plant and tool workshop, we can produce both small and big series of metallic and metaloplastic pressed products.

Construction and Tool Workshop

Running of our pressing plant is closely connected to our construction workplace and tool workshop. This is beneficial especially when constructing tools for the production of new products. We can thus operatively deal with individual requests of our customers. However, we also manufacture products with the use of tools delivered by our customers.
stamping tool design

Stamping process - various material types

We process various material types (spring (steel), stainless steel, electro-insulating plates, aluminium or copper alloy) in both sheets and rolls (thickness 0,1 – 6 mm). Maximal products dimension may be of 600 mm width and 1000 mm length.

  • Combination of pressing and laser cutting
  • The combination of these technologies enables us to efficiently lower both costs and time for production preparation.
  • Surface modifications

After pressing (stamping), we are able to modify products through tumbling, drying and preservation. Final modification can come in form of hardening, annealing, carbonitrooxidation, blackening, zinc-coating, nickel-coating, pewter-coating.

Assembly and Completion

Based on our customers’ wishes, complex products are assembled and completed at our own workplace.

tool shop

Machines at out pressing plant

  • 20 eccentric pressing machines of tonnage 5 – 250t,
  • 5 lines for roll processing of tonnage 40 – 100t,
  • 2 high-speed Bruderer lines 25 and 80t,
  • 2 tumbling (including drying) Rosler machines.


Who do we manufacture for?

Except for our own production plan of standard parts, we produce parts for customers of automotive, mechanical engineering, energetics, food processing and chemical industry.




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Branch Office in Tábor:
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Czech Republic


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